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Elevating the High End | Jewels by Star

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Social media is all about curating a "perfect" world. For businesses, it's doubly important to look the best! However, not all companies utilize this essential tool. 

Jewels by Star has incredibly beautiful products with competitors like Harry Winston and Cartier. It's a true hidden gem of 5th Avenue. However, when I started with them, they were not highlighting the fantasy their jewelry could tap into. 


Whether it be print or social media, I dove into polishing their marketing into something that shines.  

As luck would have it, I started at this company right at the start of Covid-19 in NYC. Needless to say, social media and technology just became even more important. 


Similarly, people wanted to see something other than constant Covid news while still being sensitive to the situation. 


With that, I created a 3 week campaign about the start of spring and "bringing in a little sunshine". 

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The campaign took off. Both Facebook and Instagram boomed with engagement. We got over 200 new followers in that time period. We received 6-8 rankings on Facebook posts for high engagement. 

Similarly, the company was not utilizing the story aspect of social media. I tested out the story (show with the gold above) for $5 for one day. Again, engagement boomed. We even got 3 direct sale leads. 

I can provide full analytic of my social media strategy upon request

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We work very closely with small jewelery shops who want signage or prints for their stores. Below is an example of making a bridal look with no makeup, wedding dress or real veil.

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Social media platforms are all unique and need their own plans! Pinterest is where people go to plan their dream weddings and the perfect vacation outfits. It is the ideal place to highlight someones dream engagement ring!

Once I was given the login, I researched companies like Cartier and Tiffany's. I saw we needed a consistent schedule of posts to keep our feed fresh and full. 

Pinterest demands multiple posts, everyday. I was able to create a daily board (Emeralds for Sunday, Rubies on Monday etc.) This created a wonderful, and consistent gradient of jewelry. Our views went from to 800 a day to 14K a day in just 3 months.

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How do you sell during Covid-19? Many trade shows turned digital, and still need marketing tools! Warren Buffet's Borsheim's Fine Jewelry show is one of the biggest shows for luxury products.


Every retailer was going to be sending customers literature, so we needed to stand out.

In our lookbook, I made the choices for products, layout and copy.


So many people dream of their own personal royal wedding. I was only given a list of products and the rest was given to me. I wanted to create a layout that was elegant and modern. All the images are in black and white except for the jewelry. the jewelry needed to be the the center piece while centering everything around that big special day!

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